ISSUE 5 - OUT May 8, 2019


It all goes crazy.

It all goes crazy.

Publisher’s description:

“Things are working out pretty good for Stunted Growth’s career, but they’ll find a way to screw that up. Things aren’t so hot for Brian Slade, but he’s oblivious, and these are all Martin’s problems anyway.”

This issue has a great cover by Dan Veesenmeyer, former storyboard artist for the X-Men Animated Series, the Batman Animated Sub-Zero movie and currently the artist on many Lego DC & Marvel video games.

Pretty proud of this one - things are going wildly off the rails for Martin, setting up next issue’s climactic last-ditch attempt to save his ass from a myriad of forces conspiring against him. The ending of this issue is as shocking as the first, don’t miss it!