Issue 6 Playlist Notes

Welcome back! People have griped about GFH being too slow; those who followed through will know it was all deliberate, leading to this explosive finale. The trade, which has no chapter breaks, is a purer read of the story – it wasn’t intended to be full of cliffhangers. This final issue of our first arc is fast-paced, desperate and claustrophobic; the songs reflect that energy. No comments on the sound effects, you’ll know why they’re here!

All tracks are added to the Overarching Gunning For Hits Playlist after the previous issue’s.

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Please start this issue’s playlist with:

101ers / Letsagetabitrockin

People said Joe Strummer was marble-mouthed on. A lot of Clash songs. I have no idea what the fuck he is singing here, but it works. Great kick-off song to get the energy flowing.

Tsar / Wanna Get Dead

Another high energy song with lyrics that resonate with Billy’s mental state, mentions of guns, etc. Tsar are the best – this is from their highly underrated second album, Band-Girls-Money – an angry pop confection that goes down like an umbrella drink full of razor blades. Please listen.

Joe Jackson / I’m The Man

Titular song from his second album, Joe outlines his gripes with the world of marketing from the standpoint of the marketeer. This is arguably everything that’s wrong with how pop culture is sold to you. I left out two entire subplots (about Brian Slade’s former manager and his wife) that would’ve addressed these grievances in greater detail. They’ll be in the TV show.

The Godfathers / Public Enemy

Pretty good live version of this classic punk instrumental. The best was by the Sid Presley Experience, a precursor band of The Godfathers that featured my friend Del Bartel who later went on to work at Ryko and is helping med out with some upcoming Supermegabot label releases. I think Del is on this recording, as he rejoined the band for a bit, but the original was produced by Vic Maile. It’s not here because it ain’t on Spotify, another reason you should have your own library of music and not rely on streaming.

David Bowie / Rebel Rebel (live)

David always kept this one in his back pocket for live shows (except from 1990-2002, when it had been excised from his repertoire). If I was Brian Slade, opening a concert that may change my fortunes, I’d open with this one. Shocked at how many live versions are derailed by Mike Garson piano noodling – there’s a time and a place, Mike.

Sugar / Needle Hits E

You don’t know this, but Martin has been trying to keep from murdering anyone for a long time. This song speaks to what a monster he really is – that he’s lost all perspective and is on a slippery slope, reverting to a pattern of behavior he’d hoped to put behind him.

Replacements / The Ledge

Billy. I want you to understand that while Billy has a drug problem, it’s not what drives him. The drug problem is a symptom of how he’s been treated all his life and exploited in these last few months. Scars are deep and while they can be cured with love and care, he’s been thrust into an environment that, despite its perceived upsides, is not going to help him heal

Manic Street Preachers / The Masses Against The Classes

This band roared back into my life with this turn of the century track that captured all the vitriol of their earliest days. The struggle, as they say, is real. It’s all very anti-fascistic corporations thinking, and the last line is a perfect capper.

Carpenters / Yesterday Once More

Martin’s mindset. He had a traumatic childhood, comforted by music. When everything works out to his satisfaction, this is the song playing in his head. The irony? It was also in Billy’s head as all this went down. Please note: the Carpenters are awesome.

Dramarama / Senseless Fun

Great band, they should’ve been huge. All about about trying to make it all work in the music business. The sadness, the gun references, the glad-handing and repetition – every bit rings true. I love that they called it Senseless Fun when it clearly should’ve been titled Disappointed. You think comics will break your heart? Try music.

Queen / One Vision

Where we’re going from here.

Jeff Whalen / The Alien Lanes

Jeff is the mastermind behind Tsar. Tsar were the last great rock band. Jeff is the last great rock star. His album is on my label, and this is a shameless plug for a record that’ll make the darkest day of winter feel like the happiest day of summer. Buy it here physically, or you can get it from any digital service. Three songs are streaming as a teaser, but that’s all that’ll ever be available for “free.”

Thanks for listening and reading. I always wanted the comic to have a soundtrack and thanks to the magic of streaming enriching labels while fucking over artists, here it is! If any of this is new to you and enriches your life, I urge you to buy something from the artists whose work was hijacked here by me, for my marketing purposes, without their explicit permission.